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Why the Left Hates America

"Exposing the Lies That Have Obscured Our Nation's Greatness" by Daniel J. Flynn

Review by Jim Jeffries:

If books by conservatives didn't sell like McDonalds' hotcakes on a Saturday morning, Accuracy in Academia's Dan Flynn might have to worry about the potentially polarizing and seemingly outlandish title of his new book, Why the Left Hates America.

Although the title might imply that this is a book showing that Hillary and Daschle truly are America's worst enemies, buyer beware: This book has a very specific and academic definition of "the Left."

According to Daniel Flynn, this group of Leftists does not include your everyday, run-of-the-mill politician that finds himself left-of-center on the political spectrum.

He believes that the differences between the two major parties lie less in the depth of one party's devotion to America when compared to that of the other, and more in the way in which such devotion is demonstrated.

Flynn asserts that this "Left" that so hates America consists of "the anticapitalist ... [h]oldovers from Communist movements of an earlier age," the multiculturalists that seek "to promote every culture save our own,...zealous atheists who resent the central role religion has played in American life,...socialists who despise the free market," and finally, the "moral anarchists seeking to overthrow the social conventions of the West."

"Ironically, all of these Leftists "display great contempt for the culture that offers their offbeat views the greatest tolerance."

Upon reading such a description, I was unable to come up with the name of a single person I know personally who matches it. We have all seen the clips of America's wild youngsters whose crazy signs' messages are as eclectic and random as their choice in clothing, and we have likely dismissed such antics as extreme and rare occurrences.

Flynn argues that, while such folk are "certainly no more than 10%" of our country's population, they wield a hugely disproportionate sword in the political battles raging across college campuses and other learning institutions across the land.

The book's crucial theme is that these leftists occupy many of the administrative, teaching and cultural leadership roles within our society, and thus they are able to exert a much more highly magnified influence on the political discourse than should be the case.

This incendiary anti-Americanism has spread so far and become so epidemic that it has even crept into our elementary schools. Flynn points out that a teacher in Sacramento "burned a flag in front of his sixth-grade class."

That some kids at this age might find it a difficult exercise to divide the flag's stars by its stripes is enough of an indictment of our educational system, but such an example of hatred displayed in front of 12-year-olds is beyond belief!

Yet, as Flynn so painstakingly and fluidly demonstrates, such occurrences are not as few and far between as we would hope. And that these events take place with little or no media coverage may demonstrate just how commonplace they are - or just how unaffected the media is by this behavior. Flynn makes both points in his book.

One of my favorite parts of the book is Flynn's handy rebuttal of leftist claims that America has done nothing for the rest of the world. He asserts that on "the balance sheet of history, the United States of America is very much in the black.

No country has enriched humanity in so many diverse ways." For example, "the United States has given more than $500 billion in aid to the rest of the world." With his charming wit, he adds that this "figure is roughly $500 billion more than the aid the rest of the world has given the United States...

One might logically argue that the federal government milks its own citizens for the benefit of foreigners." This is an oblique reference to the idea that such foreign aid could very well be contrary to the interests of the average American, yet we still give it gladly, without much of a fight and with outstretched arms.

Flynn's book is unique, in that it is clearly an academic work that maintains its editorial flow without stooping to the level of cheap cliches and simplistic sound bytes. Sometimes books are written that seem to be mere extensions of slogans and campaign commercials.

This book, on the other hand, comfortably combines the learning experience of textbook reading with the mentally soothing feel of curling up with a good spy novel. It is a thoroughly researched and professionally written indictment of a destructive mindset - one of which all Americans must become aware, lest we fall victim to it.

Jim Jeffries is a Congressional staffer for Rep. Buck McKeon (R-CA).

Another review:

Why Does the Left Hate America?

Book Review of Why the Left Hates America by Dan Flynn

During especially dark and troubling times, people tend to show their true colors-good or bad, loyal or disloyal. While many Americans responded to the events of September 11 with acts of patriotism and prayer for the victims, a small group blamed the terrorist acts on years of "oppression" allegedly perpetrated by the United States against the rest of the world. "While self-hating Americans make up but a fraction of the population," notes Dan Flynn in Why the Left Hates America, "their influence is great." "They are museum curators, journalists, college professors, librarians, and movie stars."

It is important to understand that such hatred for America is not only unpatriotic, but it is misguided and irrational. "There is a rational basis for Americans to be patriotic," notes Flynn, the editor of this publication, essentially stating the thesis of Why the Left Hates America. The teachings and ramblings of much of the Left (which is comprised not of ordinary liberals or Democrats such as Tom Daschle and Dick Gephart, but of left-wingers such as Noam Chomsky and Gore Vidal) contend that America is an inherently racist, sexist, homophobic, and wholly oppressive nation. When considering such harsh accusations against any country, one must compare and contrast that country to the rest of the real world, rather than to some utopian vision.

When one compares America to countries that actually exist, Flynn contends, the idea that America is the world's greatest oppressor is suddenly disproved and turned upside down. Instead, it becomes abundantly clear that American society is as close to a "utopian" society as one can find in the real world. Among the key reasons why the Left does indeed hate America, Flynn argues, is that they have essentially been raised and taught a number of lies throughout their lives about America and the remainder of the world. Though some of the lies might have a grain of truth in them (albeit a miniscule one), they are, for the most part, intended to make Western society appear highly oppressive. This is accomplished by vastly exaggerating or concocting American and Western ills while ignoring not only the copious accomplishments of the West, but the failures of the non-Western world as well. When compared to non-Western societies, the foundations on which these lies are constructed simply fall to pieces.

The notion that slavery and racism are uniquely Western is one of the Left's favorite and most repeated mantras. Yet when one's judgment is guided by facts, rather than by obscure political ideologies, what is quickly realized is that it was not slavery that was unique to Western Civilization; nor was it the mere abolition of slavery that was unique, but rather the abolition of slavery by eligible slaveholders. As Flynn points out, Western Civilization is indeed the only culture in the history of the world to do such a thing. American women are oppressed under the American patriarchy, says the Left. Yet, as Flynn points out, "If women in the United States live under a 'patriarchy,' what term could accurately describe the situation faced by women in other parts of the world?" Noting some of the truly patriarchal traditions practiced in many countries throughout the world today, such as genital mutilation, arranged marriages, forced abortions, and "honor killings," Flynn also contends that in many ways, women in the United States are better off than their male counterparts. He points out how they are "healthier, better educated, and less susceptible to various cultural pathologies than are American men."

The Left perceives that America as an imperialistic, power-hungry, and greedy nation. Just the opposite is true. "The major wars involving the United States since it became the world's preeminent military power," Flynn writes, "have been fought to prevent empires-Nazi imperialism, Japanese imperialism, [and] Communist imperialism. After all these wars, America's territory remained essentially the same." Flynn also notes that for such an "imperialistic" nation America donates large sums of its citizens' money to foreign countries in need. In addition to giving far and away the highest amount of money to foreign countries, the U.S. also gives one of the highest percentages of GDP for foreign aid. Having received very little in the form of foreign aid itself, the U.S. has proven time and again to be the world's most generous donor of foreign aid-not just to its allies but also to some of its most bitter enemies.

Another "big lie" embraced by the Left is the notion that "America is the world's leading threat to the environment." Although especially convenient for those critical of the free-market capitalist system, this idea is far from the truth. For example, America has more trees today than at anytime during the past 100 years. Additionally, Flynn writes, "Americans breathe cleaner air and drink cleaner water than almost anyone [in the world]." That is not to say that the United States should halt its successful environmental efforts and programs, but it is certainly a gross mischaracterization of U.S. environmental conditions to say that America is the world's leading environmental threat. The premise that America has some sort of a caste system, where mobility between classes is impossible, and the idea that the rich get richer at the expense of the poor, are other demonstrably false but deeply held beliefs by the Left. "A U.S. Treasury Department study tracking class movement from 1979 to 1988," writes Flynn, "discovered that 86% of 1979's poor no longer remained in the lowest income quintile in 1988." Unlike many countries throughout the world, Americans are not destined to remain in one class based on their birth.

The picture painted by these various Leftist lies attempts to show just how oppressive, corrupt, and unsuccessful capitalism is. Unfortunately for the Left, and fortunately for America, this is not the case. The American free-market way has been extremely successful, not just in bettering the lives of Americans, but also in improving lives throughout the world. Americans have much to be proud of. "The quality of life for nearly all six billion people on the planet," Flynn writes, "would be unimaginably worse if not for the ingenuity of the American mind." From such basic inventions as the light bulb, to such groundbreaking ideas as the Internet, Flynn notes, "when America creates, all humanity benefits."

John Walker Lindh once asked his mother, what "America has ever done for anybody." Flynn mockingly asks, "apart from the telephone; the Internet; the computer; the television; air-conditioning; the laser; serving as a place of refuge for immigrants; [numerous] vaccines, generous allotments of foreign aid; nearly all popular entertainment; basketball; baseball; surfing; football; the lives of its own servicemen defending the freedoms of non-Americans; the example of self-government; economic prosperity; a more enlightened world order; the Panama Canal; the discovery of DNA; and other medical, scientific, and technological advances, what has America ever done for anyone?" As Flynn points out, America has indeed done more than its fair share for mankind; yet, the Left's demonization of America persists in a vain attempt to discredit American values.

"So why does the Left hate America?" Flynn posits, "the answer is because America stands as a massive refutation of every pet theory the Left has ever held." "Capitalism is a failed economic system, the Left incessantly pronounces," notes Flynn; yet, America is unquestionably the wealthiest nation in the world. The Left claims that America oppresses women; however, women are treated far better in the United States than in any other nation. While the Left espouses the belief that America is inherently racist, millions of "immigrants of color," as Flynn points out, "flock to our shores and borders by the millions instead of spending their lives being ruled by people of the same hue or ethnicity."

And of course, the Left's favorite symbol of intolerance-Christianity-is the dominant religion in the United States and the basis for many traditional American principles and values. "Every predominantly Christian nation in the West protects the freedom of conscience of practitioners of the other major faiths," Flynn explains, "There is little reciprocation." This unavoidable fact is especially inconvenient for the Leftist agenda. In essence, "what the Left touts in theory," writes Flynn, "the American experience refutes in practice."

While some on the Left knowingly promote these lies that support their hatred for America, others on the Left simply accept them with no questions asked-understanding nothing more than the necessity to think of America as inherently oppressive. With many on the Left holding positions of great influence, such as college professors, as Flynn points out, it is more important than ever to stress accuracy in studying historic and current events. Lies must never be tolerated. Good or bad, the truth must be taught. Daniel J. Flynn's Why the Left Hates America makes it especially clear that students and Americans alike must learn about the true events of history so that they can understand how great their nation really is, while at the same time learning from-and not harping on-the mistakes of the past.

When one truthfully looks at both the mistakes and the accomplishments of America, one finally realizes why the Left does indeed hate America-and why they are wrong.


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