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Muslim Women Attacked for Kissing a White Man

by Lewis Loflin

A brother and his two sisters stand before a British court charged with assault, kidnapping and being general animals. Two older sisters, Nadiya, 25, and Nazira, 29, and brother Kayum Mohammed-Abdul, 24 called their 18-year old younger sister a 'whore' and 'prostitute' as she was beaten and they cut off her hair.

What Shamima Akhtar's crime that brought this brought this rage down on her? She violated Muslim Sharia Law by kissing a white-non-Muslim boy she knew at work. Under Islamic Law a Muslim women can have no relationship with a non-Muslim under penalty of death. In addition the young man she kissed was assaulted by her brother. This occurred in the parking lot of a restaurant on April 1 2011 following an office party.

Her parents already warned her if any men were present at the party there would be trouble. besides the assaulted on her friend she was 'firmly escorted' to a waiting car to be beaten and shamed at home. Shamima considered herself Westernized but her Muslim family following barbaric Sharia Law had other ideas. Like many Muslim 'immigrants' her family didn't consider themselves British, but Muslims first.

To quote the press, "This case is unusual because it's about a family...who oppressed and chastised one of their members that was not complying with the rules of that family. This is about honour-based domestic violence. Shamima is the sister of the three defendants.

Her family has very strong and traditional Islamic beliefs and they live their lives as a family in accordance with those beliefs. Shamima was not allowed to smoke or consume alcohol. Importantly, she must not have any contact with males of a different culture." So much for diversity and tolerance.

Further the jury heard the following:

The court heard Shamima had a job at Argos and she had got permission from her reluctant family to go out with work colleagues to celebrate her 18th birthday on April 1. She had told her family her colleagues were all female and they agreed she could go if she returned home by 10.30pm...Shamima did not want to return home at 10.30pm that night when she was celebrating her birthday.

When it was just about time for her to leave she went outside with Gary Pain, a colleague she had become close to, and when she was outside she kissed him. At that point her two sisters and her brother drove into the location at speed. They screeched into the car park, her brother was driving, and they got out.'

One of the sisters then escorted Shamima into the car while Mohammed-Abdul grabbed Mr Pain 'around the neck and became extremely aggressive and threatening. Shamima said she was thrown into the back seat of the car and she was punched by her sister Nazira. She did not want to go with her family and she was fearful of what they were going to do with her...

The car was driven back to the family home in Basingstoke and Shamima was dragged in to the house and put on a sofa where she was subjected to a 'array of insults' including 'whore and prostitute...Nadiya is then alleged to have punched her sister in the back of the head and Mohammed-Abdul is alleged to have kicked her. Then the two sisters decided to punish Shamima by cutting her hair, which had been kept long as part of their faith.

Shamima called police the next day who arrested her siblings who deny any of this took place. Her brother also denies attacking Mr Pain.

The circus continues...

Who knows how far this could have gone. Every year in Britain there are thousands of this type of 'Muslim family terrorism' that leads to about a dozen killings a year.

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Ref. February 10, 2012 www.dailymail.co.uk


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