Arlene Peck

Arab Men and Farm Animals

by Arlene Peck

I've always said that a sexy man is one that makes me feel sexy. That usually is one who is strong in his own identity. Folks, I think that I've discovered the reason that Arab men treat their women like farm animals. They've never had a sense of self-worth and knowledge of their own identity. Actually, they treat their animals better.

The animals and women do, however, have one thing in common: both are used for breeding. In the case of the Islamic fundamentalist, their women are used as breeding stock for future terrorists. Actually, I think they treat their goats and camels better. They're not forced to wear those hot and repressive burqas.

I remember being in Egypt once watching a man walking on the sidewalk with two of his wives following behind him. While the two women were dressed from head to toe in those heavy black tent-like cloaks, he was comfortable in a short sleeve shirt and slacks. I was thinking how stifling they must be in the heat while this jerk was comfortable and ugly. He wouldn't have been able to get a date for the prom in the States but here he was king.

If their animals get hurt, guaranteed they will be taken to the local vet or a lay expert-type healer. The best women are able to receive is distant mystical questioning and no hands-on attention. They are required to have intermediaries to explain things to the doctor. Then the doctor replies back through the intermediary. How barbaric is that?

Simple things like fistula, which in modern societies are easily repairable, are untreated in tremendous numbers and the women are divorced or shunned by all. Female doctors are rarely allowed and they aren't available to repair the leaky lesions resulting from unassisted childbirth. Their animals get more help and afterward are treated better.

That is probably why they also cannot respect the Western government and our mentality. It is a contrast that is completely alien to them. Modern day man is selling apples and they want oranges. I remember years ago Rabbi Meir Kahane telling me, "I don't want their love. I'll settle for respect." Basically his basic train of thought was no matter what the issue, the bottom line for the Arab was they understand power. And, along this same line of reasoning, they expect their women to live a life of subservience to exemplify their mate's "power" over them.

They have no say over anything in their lives. The very word "Islam" means submission. That's a pretty good clue as to the attitued with which they begin life. Non-Muslims are automatically supposed to "submit" to Muslims. So, logically, to them, they truly believe that they have the final word. So, naturally, in their dysfunctional minds, it means that Muslim women submit to them in anything they want. The Qu'ran gives step by step instructions which somehow neglects to favor gender equality. I remember when I was living in Israel not a week went by that the Israeli police didn't find an Arab girl in some alley with her throat cut. They knew immediately that the killing had been done by her father or brothers in an "honor" avenging.

Her crime would be the result of a clandestine meeting with a man not approved by her family. G-d forbid they contracted any disease as a result of a rape: she would probably be killed because innocence for a wife/sister/daughter/mother does not exist. The result of any sexual activity is always the fault of the victim. So, when the family avenges its honour, it's never their fault. Like I said, even the goats have it better. No one kills the goat in honor avenging.

I'm surprised that the Arab man, with his primitive and violent attitude toward women, even allows them to have eye slits in those heavy coverings. I have been told by experts in the field that even perceived innocent flirting quite often results in the death of the innocent accused. AIDS and other STD's are always blamed on the wife who most often is totally blameless. They, like those in Africa, routinely fail to use condoms when they fornicate with boys, animals, prostitutes or relatives, not wives. Then they bring the disease home, give it to their wives, and then blame her for making them ill.

Lord knows what makes "outside" women allow themselves to marry into this mishugas. It is a given that within a short time they will suffer like all the rest. Their Qur'an glorifies "little boys" and I remember when I traveled to many of those Muslim countries how I would see young boys walking and holding hands with older men. Their girl children are mutilated genitally to prevent them from straying or enjoying sex. The Muslim Qur'an teaches that women's sexuality is nine or ten, and that, of course, can't be allowed in their females. So their answer is to "circumcise" all little girls from 4-6 years old.

It is done most times with no sterile needles, without anesthesia and, as if that brutality isn't enough, they do not use pharmaceuticals to ease the devastating pain and discomfort. To the mentality of these evil men, women who are not circumcised in these vicious ways are considered "unclean" and "unsuitable" as brides. These barbaric men can't allow their women to exist any other way because they are afraid that if this isn't done, then the possibility is great that she their opposite number might actually become enamored of sex and desire to have it with other men. So, without a clitoris, they would have no desire to cheat and their husband has total control.

Like I said, the animals have it better. Their females don't have their genitalia mutilated as a tot. Because these pitiful men in Africa and the Middle East in places like the Sudan and Mauritania and elsewhere among the Muslims, and even in the US, are so insecure about maintaining control over their women, over 100 million of them are mutilated in this manner. Wow, I wonder where the United Nations and Kofi are when it comes to that! Kofi incidentally, may be from Guiana but he's married to a blond Swede. So, with this mentality it's no wonder when it comes to combat with real men that they are at a loss as to how to react.

I remember I first saw this in June of 82 when I was covering the war in Beirut as a journalist. Then, like now, they specialized and understood terrorism. Negotiations and treating them collectively like partners only earns their contempt. It's considered "politically incorrect" to bring up the fact that global Islam, with a world population of something like 1.4 billion people, are total losers when it comes to having productive lives.

Israel, with a population of 5.6 million population, produces a greater annual GNP (if oil revenues are not in the equation) of more than all the Arab countries together. It is one thing to terrorize the woman in their house and quite another to fight on a battlefield like real soldiers. Our soldiers are learning every day as they're cherry-picking our soldiers off, one by one. Any concession made to them is simply a call for more aggression. As a result, terrorism is thriving. In the rest of the world, we laugh and talk about having a 'dogs life." I think to the majority of Arab women and, the life that they lead, they would trade places in a heartbeat.


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