List of Muslim terror attacks in Egypt compiled from Reuters, often an apologist for Arab terrorism

Update: Islamic War Against Christian Copts in 2015

1992: Sept. 30 - A spokesman for the main militant movement, the Gama'aal-Islamiya (Islamic Group), warned tourists not to enter the province of Qena, which includes some of Egypt's most famous Pharaonic temples & tombs.

Oct. 1 -- Gama'a gunmen fired at a Nile cruiser carrying 140 Germans near Assiut, injuring three Egyptian crew.

Oct. 21 -- Militants ambushed a tourist bus, killing a British woman & injuring two British men. The woman was the first foreigner to die in militant-related violence in Egypt.

Nov. 12 -- Five German tourists & two Egyptians were wounded when gunmen ambushed a bus in the town of Qena.


Jan. 7 - A man threw a bomb near a tourist bus in Cairo, the first attack ever in the nation's capital. No injuries were reported.

Feb. 26 - A bomb was detonated in a crowded coffee shop in central Cairo, killing a Turk, a Swede & an Egyptian & injuring 20 people of various nationalities.

March 16 - A bomb damaged five tourist buses outside the Egyptian Museum in central Cairo.

June 8 - A bomb exploded near a tour bus on Pyramids Road in Cairo, killing two Egyptians & injuring 22 people including five British tourists.

Aug 16 - A lone gunman fired shots at tourist boat in southern Egypt, but nobody is hurt in the brief random attack.

Sept 15 & 18 -- Moslem militants fired at two Nile cruise boats, the first near the village of al-Qusiya, the second on a boat carrying 22 French tourists near Abu Tig, in Upper Egypt. Both attacks missed & nobody was hurt at all. No word on whether the attackers were nabbed by police.

Oct. 27 -- A man described as a mentally disturbed musician shot dead two American businessmen & an eminent French jurist as they ate dinner at a luxury Cairo hotel. An Italian injured in the attack later died, three other people were wounded. The government said the attacker was mentally retarded & was not a Gama'a member, but some sources described him as a militant sympathizer.

Dec. 27 - A gun & bomb attack on a tourist bus in old Cairo left eight Austrians & eight Egyptians seriously wounded. Next day newspapers said Gama'a claimed responsibility, explaining that it launched the attack to avenge executions of its members.


Feb. 14 -- Gunmen ambushed a bus carrying Romanians in the southern province of Assiut. No one was hurt. The Gama'a claimed responsibility for the attack.

Feb. 17 -- Gunmen opened fire at a Nile cruiser in Assiut, but no one hurt. Gama'a again claimed responsibility.

Feb. 19 -- Gunmen attacked a Egyptian train in Assiut, injuring one Pole & several Taiwanese tourists. Gama'a claimed responsibility.

Feb. 23 - An explosion hits Egyptian train in Assiut. Six tourists were hurt: two Australians, two Germans & two New Zealanders. Gama'a claimed responsibility.

March 4 -- Gunmen fired at a Nile cruiser in southern Egypt, wounding a German woman tourist, who died after being flown back to Germany.

March 7 -- Gunmen attacked a train in southern Egypt, 11 Egyptians wounded. Gama'a claimed responsibility.

March 13 -- Gunmen fired at a Nile cruiser in southern Egypt, but no one was hurt.

Aug. 26 - Gunmen killed a Spanish boy in an attack on a tourist bus in southern Egypt, also wounding his father. Gama'a claimed responsibility.

Sept. 27 -- Gunmen shot dead one German tourist & wounded another in a random attack in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada. Two Egyptians also were killed & another German man died of his injuries after returning to Germany. Since this time Egyptian police have set a super-tight security cordon along the single road into Hurghada & there has not been any major incidents since this date, sources indicate.

Oct. 23 -- Suspected Moslem militants killed a British tourist & wounded three others, along with their Egyptian driver, raking with machine-gun fire the minibus carrying them to a Pharaonic temple in southern Egypt.

Nov. 6 -- Gunmen opened fire at a Nile cruiser carrying 30 tourists in southern Egypt, but they do not cause any damage or casualties.

Dec. 26 -- Unidentified gunmen opened fire near a passenger train in southern Egypt, causing no injuries.


Jan. 12 -- Suspected Moslem militants wounded two Argentine tourists & four Egyptians when they opened fire on a train in southern Egypt.

Nov. 8 -- Gunmen thought to be Moslem militants attacked a passenger train in southern Egypt & wounded 10 people.

Nov. 9 -- Two European tourists -- a Dutch man & a French woman -- are shot when terrorists sprayed a passenger train with bullets in southern Egypt. The Gama'a told foreign tourists to leave the country immediately & said it was responsible for the attack on the passenger train in southern Egypt on November 8.

Nov. 19 - Suspected Moslem militants opened fire on a tourist train heading north from Aswan to Cairo, killing one of the train workers & injuring several people.

Nov. 29 - Gunmen fired 11 rounds at a passenger train taking tourists to southern Egypt overnight, but no one was hurt.


Jan. 26 - An elderly Egyptian was killed when suspected Moslem militants opened fire on a passenger train that often carries tourists in southern Egypt.

April 18 -- Gunmen thought to be Moslem militants massacred 17 Greek tourists outside a hotel in Cairo near the Pyramids. One Egyptian man was killed & 15 people were wounded.


Sept. 18 -- Gunmen suspected to be Moslem militants killed six German tourists & three other people outside the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square. Nine people were wounded.

November '97 -- Moslem terrorists armed with automatic weapons ambushed, shot & killed 62 tourists at Luxor. All of the gunmen were shot dead by military police or apprehended immediately. The Egyptian government denounced this act & quickly tightened security in & around major tourist centers, news reports indicated in the weeks that followed. Then there followed years of relative peace in Egypt, until ....


October '04 -- After more than 7 years of uneventful tourism, with no noteworthy violent incidents aimed at foreign tourists, a group of terrorists bombed resorts in the Red Sea villages of Taba & Ras Shitan, killing 34 persons, mostly Israeli visitors. More than 100 persons were wounded, some gravely. The carnage was reported worldwide.


April 7, '05 -- A fringe extremist group dubbing itself Islamic Brigades of Pride delivered a crude homemade bomb -- packed with nails -- on the back of a motorcycle, driven by a suicide bomber right into the heart of the historic shopping bazaar called Khan al-Khalili. The blast killed 2 tourists, a French woman & an American man, & wounded about 18 other people, some critically. The marketplace was strewn with debris & body parts. The motorcycle driver who delivered the bomb also was killed.

April 30, '05 -- Two veiled women in their 20s opened fire on a tour bus in a historic district of Cairo, wounding two passengers then killing themselves. Two hours earlier that same day, a man suspected of involvement in a Cairo tourist bombing April 7 (see above) -- whom authorities identified as the brother & fiance' of the women who attached this tour bus -- jumped wildly from a bridge overpass during a police chase & ignited a bomb he was packing, killing himself.

These incidents occurred behind the Egyptian Museum in downtown Cairo, wounded seven persons in all, four of them foreign tourists. A group calling itself the Abdullah Azzam Brigades claimed responsibility for the dual attacks April 30, '05, saying they were in revenge for the thousands of arrests of suspected militants that followed the April 7, '05 bombings along the Red Sea. Abdullah Azzam was a Palestinian terrorist who worked alongside Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, & was killed there in 1989.

July 22, '05 -- Islamic terrorists triggered nearly-simultaneous bombings at the Red Sea resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh, killing at least 88 people & injuring an estimated 200 others. Police reported the three explosions were two suicide car bombs & one planted bag bomb. It was Egypt's deadliest bombing in several years.

The bombings happened on Egypt's National Day, which recalls the 1952 bloodless revolution that brought army officers to power after ousting King Farouk. One suicide car bomb killed 17 Egyptian workers in a coffee shop at the city's Old Market, police said. The other suicide car bomber struck the Ghazala Garden Hotel, streaking through a security checkpoint & slamming into the hotel's reception area before exploding. The hotel lobby area collapsed, along with its roof.

The Old Market area was a vast mess of broken glass & litter. The third bomb was an improvised device left in a bag; & it killed six tourists at a beachfront parking lot & shuttle stop about two miles from the hotel. The explosions happened about 1:15 a.m. Egypt time, or 6:15 p.m. Friday EDT, but the hotels & the market were crowded anyway with tourists partying, or seeking relief from their hot hotel rooms.

The first car was packed with 660 pounds of explosives & slammed into the reception of the Ghazala Gardens in Sharm's Naama Bay, the main strip of hotels, police said. The second bomb weighed about 440 pounds & exploded in a nearby area called the Old Market, frequented mostly by Egyptians working in the town's resorts.

A third bomb, believed hidden in a sack, detonated near a beachside walkway where tourists often stroll at night. Dr. Saeed Abdel Fattah, manager of the Sharm el-Sheik International Hospital, where the victims were taken, said those killed included two Britons, two Germans & an Italian, he added.

Czech officials said one Czech tourist was also killed. There were conflicting claims of responsibility. Several hours after the attacks, a group citing ties to Al Qaeda issued a claim on an Islamic Web site. The Abdullah Azzam Brigades, Al Qaeda, in Syria and Egypt, was one of two groups that also claimed responsibility for October bombings at the resorts of Taba and Ras Shitan that killed 34. This same terror group also claimed responsibility for a Cairo bombing in April.

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Islamic War Against Christian Copts

When Islam rolled into Egypt in the 7th Century the country was Christian - today it's Muslim and has the Middle East' largest surviving Christian population of 7-16 million. Always subject to violence and forced to pay extortion money (jizya or head tax) as has gradually destroyed the community - today only a military stands between them and annihilation.

The Constitution of Egypt is based mostly on Islam. Article 45 of the Constitution recognizes the three Abrahamic religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism only, but is really a joke. Egypt's large Jewish was expelled after the creation of Israel and the Christians still have nothing approaching equal rights. As for centuries constant low-level persecution and exploding violence remains a factor of life.

Starting in 1952 under socialist Gamal Abdul Nasser (1954-70) he would be followed by Anwar el-Sadat (1970-81), then Husni Mubarak (1981-2011) was 60 years of "secular" rule. When this ended Egypt was looking at a shattered economy and the specter of mass starvation. Outlawed for decades the Muslim Brotherhood would rise to power.

The violent Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood (MB) under Morsi came to power in 2012 after Mubarak was ousted. Empowered by democratic election supported by the pro-Islamist Obama administration, all hell would break explode. Many demanding democratic elections soon found themselves recoiling as terror against Christians, secularists, women, etc. as the MB sought to impost Sharia Law across the country.

Morsi was said to have boasted that he would "achieve the Islamic conquest (fath) of Egypt for the second time, and make all Christians convert to Islam, or else pay the jizya." The jizya is an extortion tax imposed on Christians and Jews.

How could Obama be so blind? Successful lobbing efforts by CAIR and other BH/Hamas affiliated groups and his general rejection of Western culture influenced President Obama and other multicultural driven western leaders to ignore reality. Obama went to far to declare MB a "secular" organization. The UAE declared CAIR a terror group - now the Obama administration is trying to get them of the list.

In 2013 Morsi was overthrown by the military and received $12 billion in aid from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states who are enemies of the Muslim Brotherhood. (The Guardian July 12, 2013) The Guardian like much of the Western elite tried to play down Islamic violence at the core of Islam itself. Violent pro-Muslim Brotherhood protests and riots were met with lethal force by the Egyptian military.

When the Obama Administration led efforts to overthrow Moammar Gaddafi in Libya he opened that country to civil war and more Sharia violence - including the sacking of the US Consulate in Benghazi in 2012 leading to four Americans killed. The country has totally broken down and chaos reigns. The Islamic State that has seized large sections of Syria and Iraq is now in Libya where they beheaded 21 Coptic Christians on national TV. They Copts migrated there under Moammar Gaddafi to find work. While Obama did nothing Egypt bombed Islamic State positions in Libya.

Moammar Gaddafi was killed October 2011 but by October 2014 was asking if it would have been better if Moammar Gaddafi had not been killed.

In 2015 the region is chaos while president Obama focuses on climate change as our greatest challenge. He is completely unwilling to focus on the intrinsic violence at the core of Islam (which is 80% political ideology) and wallows in the deception of political correctness. Even after Muslim violence in France and Denmark they still attribute Islamic religious violence to poverty and discrimination.