Deist Masons are Jewish Debunked

Pastor Herrell is likely a member of Christian Identity whose writings end up on scores of hate and racist websites. He stated very clearly what he really hates: "freedom of individuals, tolerance and generosity toward all people, and equality of people of all races, religions, and beliefs." That Freemasonry is Judaism is utter historical and factual nonsense. Herrell knows nothing of Judaism or Freemasonry and is simply a racist dressed up in religion.

Freemasonry has been attacked by Nazis and communists he claims they are behind. He claims the French Revolution was a Jewish plot while in fact it was hostile to Judaism. Voltaire hated Jews. Senator Robert Byrd for example was a member of the KKK, hardly a Jewish organization.

He is simply an enraged Christian fundamentalist that won't address the problems within Christianity but instead looks to conspiracy theories for simple answers to his muddled thinking. Never let facts or reason muddle a good conspiracy theory. Paul Harvey owned by the Jews? Jesse Helms was a Jewish puppet? The antisemitic Henry Ford owned by the Jews? Perhaps they were so stupid they didn't know?

The fact that Jews worked for the American Revolution is to be celebrated, not scorned. French Deism in particular was anti-Jewish as are many internet deists today.

Lewis Loflin

Deist Masons are Jewish

by Pastor V.S. Herrell

Few white people in America are aware of the truth behind the Masons. Some may be perceptive enough to recognize Masonic symbols on license plates, cars, tombstones, etc., but they may not realize the type of people who are Masons or what Freemasonry is all about. Even less realize that Freemasonry is really just a code name for Judaism. Many will say that it is an organization founded in Christian principles, but this is far from the truth.

In fact, the basic tenet of Freemasonry is anti-Christian, promoting "freedom of individuals, tolerance and generosity toward all people, and equality of people of all races, religions, and beliefs," as one Jewish Mason has stated. In fact, a cursory glance at Masonic literature shows that this is always stated as one of their basic beliefs. They also claim to believe in one God who created everyone. Thus we have the theory of "The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of all Mankind," which is fundamentally against the teachings of the Bible.

The Jewish influence in the creation of Masonry in America is undeniable. Masons are proud of their list of "famous Masons" (many of which are printed at the end of this article). Perhaps one of the most well-known is George Washington. There was at least one Jew in his lodge, and there were 24 Jewish Masons promoted to officers' ranks in George Washington's army, and many are proud of their influence in the American Revolution. One, Haym Salomon, was essential in contributing money to finance the war effort. He also loaned money to Jefferson, Madison, Lee, and others.

Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia all had Jews active in establishing the Masonic temples and rites in America. The Scottish Rite was introduced in America by a Jew named Moses Michael Hays. Paul Revere, another famous Mason, was Deputy Grand Master in Massachusetts at the time the Jew Hays was in the highest Masonic leadership position in that state. Other Jewish Masons held high posts in the late 18th century in America during, before, and after the American Revolution. At least 51 American Grand Masters have been Jewish.

The story is not much different in England. In fact, the Jews used deistic Masonry as a stepping stone to gaining control of England. Prior to Freemasonry, Jews were forbidden from participation in almost all English activities - political and so on. After Freemasons allowed Jews into the movement, or rather, after Jews created the Freemasonry movement with its ideal of "all men created equal," Jews were allowed into English society and positions of power.

While Masons deny that they have benefited and have been instrumental in almost all so-called revolutions and wars in European and American history of any significance, history proves that Masons and Jews have actively promoted unrest for their benefit. They were definitely closely involved with the American Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and the French Revolution. The ousting and murder of the French Aristocracy was an assault perpetrated by those who espoused the lies of Masonry.

As a result of the French Revolution, Jews were allowed to work among the white French, the same feat they had accomplished in England. The separation of Church and State in France became possible (sound familiar?). French Masonic lodges were admitting Jews wholeheartedly, teaching that it did not matter what your religion was, as long as you were dedicated to the principles of Masonry (which are almost identical to so-called Judaism).

It is no secret that Masonic rituals are basically identical to Talmudic Jewish rituals. These so-called rites are performed inside "temples" veiled in secrecy. Even Jews admit that rituals similar to B'nai B'rith rituals are found in Freemasonry and that the fundamental tenets of Judaism and Freemasonry are identical. Four of the Jewish founding members of B'nai B'rith were also members of the Masons or Odd-Fellows (Jones, Roadacher, Renau, and Isaac Rosenbourg).

Even the Catholic Church has a well-known history of attacking Masons and Jews as being in bed together, bent on the destruction of Christianity. Today, however, they play down their former zeal in fighting against the Masons and the Jews and have, in truth, been purposely infiltrated by Jews for the destruction of Roman Catholicism. In one article published in the Catholic magazine The Point in January, 1954, we read:

"From the time the Apostles first began to evangelize the nations, the Catholic Church has had one great, fierce, and enduring enemy. That enemy is the Jews - the people who rejected their King and their God, who crucified Him, and who prophesied the stain that should forever mark them, in their defiant shout, 'His Blood be upon us and upon our children!'

"Not until the eighteenth century, when the Freemasons began to take over the governments of Europe, did the Jews really come into their own. Before that they had been obliged to work mostly underground, exerting their influence in hidden, subtle ways. But from this time on they worked in the open.

"Being formed for the purpose of combating Christ and His Church, the Masons shrewdly realized that to wage this war effectively they must enlist the aid of that people who had always been the backbone of the anti-Christian army. Accordingly, the Masons' terminology, their secret rituals, their philosophy, were all taken over from the Jews.

But the Masons' greatest stroke was to make use, not merely of these perfidious traditions, but of the vital, raging Jewish people themselves. As the Masons took over the Nations of Europe, the Jews were released from the ghettos in which they had been for centuries confined, and turned out on society."

That being said, let us look at a list of some of the most famous Masons. For those who know anything about history, you will notice all the Jews, mongrels, atheists, and other so-called "heroes" of America's Jewish democracy.

Aldrin, Edwin "Buzz" - Astronaut
Armstrong, Neal - Astronaut
Arnold, General Henry - Military leader
Atkins, Chet - Atheist musician
Austin, Stephen - "Father" of Texas
Autry, Gene - Actor
Baldwin, Henry - Supreme Court Justice
Balfour, Lloyd - Jeweler
Bartholdi, Frederic - Designer of the Statue of Liberty
Baylor, Robert - Founder, Baylor University
Beard, Daniel Carter - Founder, Boy Scouts
Bell, Lawrence - Founder, Bell Aircraft Corp
Bellamy, Francis - Writer, The Pledge of Allegiance
Black, Hugo - Supreme Court Justice
Blair, John - Supreme Court Justice
Blatchford, Samuel - Supreme Court Justice
Borglum, Gutzon and Lincoln - Mt. Rushmore
Bradley, Omar N. - General, U.S. Army
Bryan, Richard - US Senator
Buchanan, James - US President
Burns, Conrad - US senator
Burton, Harold - Supreme Court Justice
Byrd, Robert - US Senator
Byrnes, Robert - Supreme Court Justice
Carnahan, Melvin - Governor, Missouri
Catton, John - Supreme Court Justice
Chrysler, Walther P. - Founder, Chrysler Corp.
Churchill, Winston S. - Former Prime Minister, Great Britain
Clark, Roy - Musician
Clark, Thomas C. - Supreme Court Justice
Clarke, John H. - Supreme Court Justice
Clemens, Samuel (Mark Twain) - Author
Cobb, Ty - Athlete
Cody, William (Buffalo Bill) - "Wild West" Figure
Cohan, George M. - Broadway Star
Cushing, William - Supreme Court Justice
Dempsey, Jack - Athlete
Devanter, Willis V. - Supreme Court Justice
Disney, Walt - Founder, Walt Disney Co.
Dole, Bob - US Senator
Douglas, William - Supreme Court Justice
Dow, William H - Dow Chemical Co.
Edward VII and Edward VIII - "Queens" of England
Ellery, William - Signer, Declaration of Independence
Ellsworth, Oliver - Supreme Court Justice
Ervin, Sam J. - US Senator
Ford, Gerald - US President
Ford, Henry - Ford Motor Company
Franklin, Benjamin - Signer, US Constitution
Freeman, Orville - Secretary of USDA; former Minnesota Governor
Gable, Clark - Actor
Garfield, James - US President
George VI - King of England
Gillett, King C. - Gillett Razor Co.
Glenn, John H. -Astronaut and Senator
Godfrey, Arthur - Radio Jew
Gompers, Samuel - Founder, American Federation of Labor
Grassley, Charles - US Senator
Hancock, John - Signer, Declaration of Independence
Harding, Warren G. - US President
Hardy, Oliver - Actor
Harlan, John M. - Supreme Court Justice
Harvey, Paul - Radio Announcer
Hatfield, Mark - US Senator
Hawkins, Augustus - US Congressman, California
Helms, Jesse - US Senator
Henry, Patrick - American "Patriot"
Hilton, Charles C. - Hilton Hotels
Hoban, James - White House Architect
Hollings, Ernest - US Senator
Hoover, J. Edgar - Former Director, FBI
Hope, Bob - Comedian
Houston, Sam - 2nd and 4th President, Republic of Texas
Humphrey, Hubert - US Vice President
Ives, Burle - Actor
Jackson, Andrew - US President
Jackson, Robert H. - Supreme Court Justice
James I - Sponsored the King James Version
Jefferson, Thomas - US President
Johnson, Andrew - US President
Johnston, J. Bennett - US Senator
Jones, Melvin - Founding Member, Lions International
Kemp, Jack - Former US Congressman
Key, Francis Scott - Writer, National Anthem
LaGuardia, F. H. - Diplomat and Mayor of New York City three times
Lamar, Joseph E. - Supreme Court Justice
Lincoln, Elmo - Actor
Lipton, Sir Thomas - Lipton Tea Company
Lloyd, Harold C. - Actor
Lott, Trent - US Senator
MacArthur, Douglas - Military leader
Madison, James - US President
Marshall, John - Chief Justice, US Supreme Court, 1801-1835
Mathews, Stanley - Supreme Court Justice
McKinley, William - US President
Mesmer, F. A. - Important Figure in the "Spiritualism" Movement (where we get the term "mesmerize")
Miller, Glenn - Director
Minton, Sherman - Supreme Court Justice
Mix, Tom - US Marshall, Actor
Monroe, James - US President
Moody, William H. - Supreme Court Justice
Murphy, Audie - Soldier
Nelson, Samuel - Supreme Court Justice
Nunn, Sam - US Senator
Olds, Ranson E. - Olds Motor Co.
Otis, James - "Taxation without representation is tyranny"
Palmer, Arnold - Athlete
Paterson, William - Supreme Court Justice
Peale, Norman Vincent - Guidepost
Penny, James C. - Founder, JC Penny Co.
Pershing, John Joseph - Military leader
Pitney, Mahlon - Supreme Court Justice
Polk, James K. - US President
Rangel, Charles - US Congressman, New York
Reed, Stanley - Supreme Court Justice
Revere, Paul - American "Patriot"
Rickenbacker, General Eddie - Pilot
Ringling Brothers (seven brothers and their father, all masons)
Rogers, Roy - Actor
Rogers, Will - Actor
Roosevelt, Franklin D. - US President
Roosevelt, Theodore - US President
Rush, Benjamin - Signer, Declaration of Independence
Rutledge, Wiley B. - Chief Supreme Court Justice
Sanders, Harland - Founder, Kentucky Fried Chicken
Simpson, Alan - US Senator
Skelton, Red - Comedian
Smith, John Stafford - Composer, Music for National Anthem
Sousa, John Phillip - Composer
Stassen, Harold - Signer, UN Charter
Stewart, Potter - Supreme Court Justice
Stokes, Louis - US Congressman Ohio
Swayne, Noah H. - Supreme Court Justice
Taft, William Howard - US President
Teets, John W. - Chairman and President, Dial Corp.
Thomas, Craig - US Senator
Thomas, Danny - Actor
Thomas, Dave - Founder, Wendy's
Thomas, Lowell - Radio Announcer
Thompson, Tommy - Wisconsin Governor
Thurmond, Strom - US Senator
Tillis, Mel - Singer
Todd, Thomas - Supreme Court Justice
Trimble, Robert - Supreme Court Justice
Truman, Harry S. - US President
Vinson, Frederick M. - Supreme Court Justice
Voltaire - Author
Wallace, George - Former Alabama Governor and presidential candidate
Warren, Earl - Supreme Court Justice
Washington, George - US President
Wayne, John - Actor
Wells, H.G. - Author
Wilde, Oscar - Author
Woodbury, Levi - Supreme Court Justice
Woods, William B. - Supreme Court Justice
Young, Cy - Athlete
Zanuck, Darryl F. - Cofounder, 20th Century Productions

Famous Black Masons

Allen, Richard - Founder of the AME Church
Armstrong, Louis - Black trumpet player
Bassie, William (Count) - Orchestra Leader
Cole, Nat 'King' - Singer
Ellington, Duke - Composer
Evers, Medger - Black Agitator
Haley, Alex - Roots Author
Hall, Prince - First Black Freemason in America
Henson, Josiah - Inspired Uncle Tom's Cabin
Hooks, Ben - Former Executive Director, NAACP
Johnson, John - Magazine Publisher, EBONY and Jet
Marshall, Thurgood - Supreme Court Justice
Robinson, Sugar Ray - Athlete
Washington, Booker T. - Author

Famous (Admittedly) Jewish Masons

Berlin, Irving - Composer
Borgnine, Ernest - Actor
DeMille, Cecil B. - Entertainer
Fairbanks, Douglas - Actor
Fields, W.C. - Jewish Jester
Goldwater, Barry - US Senator
Houdini, Harry - Jewish magician
Jolson, Al - Actor, famous for "Blackface" singing
Mayer, Louis B. - Film Producer, MGM studios
Montefiore, Sir Moses - Famous British Jew
Sellers, Peter - Actor
Warner, Jack - Warner Brothers
Wyler, William - Director
Ziegfeld, Florenz - Ziegfeld's Follies