Danish versus Muslim cartoons.

Denmark was First now France is under Fire by Muslims over cartoons

More European Papers Print Cartoons of Muhammad, Fueling Dispute With Muslims

Broadening a debate that has set Europe against the Islamic world, several European newspapers on Wednesday reprinted cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad in an unflattering light, supporting a Danish newspaper that had inspired a huge outcry in the Islamic world by publishing them in the first place. The newspapers' actions fed a sharpening debate here over freedom of expression, human rights and what the culture editor of Jyllands-Posten, the paper that first published the cartoons last September, called a "clash of civilizations" between secular Western democracies and Islamic societies...

The Danish prime minister has rejected demands by Arab governments for an official apology, saying: "I can't call a newspaper and tell them what to put in it. That's not how our society works." Mr. Rose called the decision not to apologize for printing the cartoons "a key issue of principle."

Read the full story at New York Times 2/2/2006.

In 2/15/2015 from CNN News on another violent attack in Denmark:

A wary, sucker-punched Denmark kept a high alert after a gunman attacked a free speech forum featuring a controversial cartoonist, then fired shots near a synagogue before police tracked him down and killed him when he opened fire again.

Two civilians died in the attacks Saturday and early Sunday. Five police officers were wounded, according to Danish authorities.

Police did say in a statement that the suspected shooter was a 22-year-old man born in Denmark. He was "well-known by the police for several criminal incidents," according to police.

Carsten Ellegaard Christensen, a national security reporter at the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, provided additional details on the suspect, citing sources with detailed knowledge of the investigation.

Christensen was told the dead gunman was Danish-Arab, living in Copenhagen, and was on the radar of authorities for gang activity, not for suspected Islamist extremism. So far as police know, he had not traveled to Syria or Iraq.