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This page is an adaptation from another website. I'm a vet myself as are three brothers, two decorated in Vietnam. We can argue over Democrats versus Republicans in uniform all day but one truth must be noted: the military reflects society in general, not the political elite.

The enlisted come from poor and working class backgrounds, which take most of the casualties while the officer corp. is upper class. One recent news report claimed 40% of those presently in uniform come from a line of states from Texas to Florida. Many enter the military for economic opportunity that is growing scarce in America today.

While our brave troops are dying of heat stroke and getting shot in the back in Iraq, mainly to protect global capitalism and big oil, the same wealthy people that sent them there not only rarely serve themselves, but ship jobs that might have went to these very same vets into third-world sweat-shops.

George Bush and Bill Clinton alike still dodged Vietnam; Bush like thousands of connected rich kids from both parties was hiding out in the Guard. Yet the Bush War on Terrorism is a joke because he protects his terrorist oil pals in Saudi Arabia who pay terrorists to kill out troops.

Granted the Republicans are willing to spend more on the military, so what? The rich kids from both parties don't do most of the dying. But Republicans do bring up the issue, so they are being called on it. I make no excuses for Democrats and wouldn't vote for either party.

Prominent Democrats

Prominent Republicans

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Gray Davis, California Governor, served in Vietnam. Note: it has been brought to my attention from a fellow vet about some controversy surrounding a Bronze Star Davis got. If anyone has information on this please forward the information to me.

Article in the Editorial Section of the San Ramon Valley Times on Tuesday, September 3, 2002 submitted by Dick McBurnie of Danville, CA.

"Dubious medal"

In most cases I respect a military man who earns a medal. In the case of Gray Davis the opposite is true. Contrary to the comments of Greg Trybull, Gray Davis was presented with a Bronze Star by an upper echelon member of the military for dubious reasons; he did not earn the medal.

Davis spent a short period of time in Vietnam (less than 7 months - Dec. 9, 1968, to July 3, 1969), a considerable distance from any hostility (Loc Binh) and according to prior reports was more or less guarded and kept away from any areas of hostile action.

Davis manned a typewriter during his tour of duty and any consideration for a medal, under the circumstances described, is suspect... Gray Davis should not even think or running for any public office, especially re-election. We can't afford continued incompetence.
Dick M., Danville, CA

Can not provide info about Davis' service. But tried to find Loc Binh on the internet. Loc Binh is a district in Lang Son province in North Viet Nam. Loc Binh actually borders China and is listed as a gateway to China. This could not be the place. But there is a Binh Loc toward the southern most part of South Vietnam. Please check with your sources and correct on your AWOL page. I too would like to find the truth about Davis. All I could find was "Bronze Star for Meritorious Service"...

That tells me nothing. I received the Army Commendation Medal and its listed as meritorious service and all I did was volunteer to extend in country for six months. EVERYBODY in my unit that extended for six months got the Army Commendation Medal.

If he can be in country less than 8 months and receive a bronze, then he certainly shouldn't be shy about telling us just what great deed he did to warrant this honor. Smells! Would also like to know if he went over as a lieutenant and came back a captain.

In my 19 months over there my unit went thru 3 XO's. Seems like if you wanted a promotion you had to have 6 months overseas or hazardous duty on your record , so they cycled them through like clock work. 6 months rocking chair = one bump up. Chinook mechanic, Dong Ba Tinh, ( just inland from Cam Ranh Bay) June '68 to Feb '70 TT, Escondido, Ca

Chuck Robb, US Senator from Virginia, served in Vietnam

George McGovern, famous liberal, awarded Silver Star, DFC, dozens of missions during WWII.



Puditocracy and Preacher-types


Gov. Jesse Ventura, served as a Navy Seal

Chickenhawk list, courtesy of the New Hampshire Gazette.

Re military personnel and public perception of Democrats v. Republicans in general.

How often must Democrats defend their party against the typical freeper blather of draft-dodging, service-evading, unpatriotic cowards among us? More often than we have to.

Gore was right all along. About some things. The "truth" IS on our side.

THE CHICKENHAWKS Conservatives make great fun of President Clinton for questioning the Vietnam War, standing up to his beliefs and questioning his own participation in that war as well, i.e., being honest and walking the walk of his own belief system [and then giving up his student deferment to subject himself to the draft!].

On the other hand there were literally millions of dishonest hypocritical, cowardly right-wing loonies who supported the war while refusing to personally participate.