Christians Under Attack in the Middle East

by Lewis Loflin

When I published this webpage ten years ago it was a protest against the Religious Right as they ignored the plight of Christians in Muslim countries as they culture war raged on. Today the culture war still rages on without the Religious Right while Coptic Christian Churches in Egypt are burned and the Christians murdered in the street. The political left that cheered on the so-called whatever "Spring" have refused to speak out. They only find the time to attack Israel every time some Muslim terrorist gets shot trying to kill Jews. Nothing has changed in 2011.

Be it Sudan, West Bank, Lebanon, Egypt, etc. Christians across the Muslim world are being wiped out. Forced to immigrate, enslaved, murdered, etc. while the Christian Right ignores their plight, but plans to send missionaries to Iraq. The Christian Right stands up for Israel only in the hope of some second-coming that isn't coming. The US Government continues to do nothing out of concern for oil in Sudan or appeasement of Muslim terror states for oil. At the same time the Christian Right has tried to use Sept. 11 to gain political ends.

But the question remains, why isn't the Christian Right interested in fellow Christians? Here is a list possible reasons:

  1. Religious bigotry is one cause. The Christian Right is exclusively Protestant Evangelical and doesn't even consider Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Copts, etc. as being Christians. This is despite these people are among the oldest Christian communities in the world.
  2. Racism is another possible cause because these Christians are non-European. Oddly, they seem to scream over the destruction of Christians in Sudan, but I tend to think it's an attack on Islam more then caring about black Christians. Much of the Christian Coalition is racist.
  3. Arafat's propaganda showing Arab Christian solidarity with the PLO which is false. This turns off most Americans.
  4. Non-Evangelicals such as the Catholic Church and other "pacifists" prefer appeasement of Muslims in the hope they will come to their senses and become civilized. This is just cowardice on their part.

Islam operates a system of racial and religious apartheid against Christians and Jews (Dhimmitude) with the goal of wiping them out. Jews have all but disappeared in most Muslim countries and Christians are next. While I'm not a Christian, I ask everyone to help support these people whose ancestors are among the very first Christians. Evangelicals in particular must keep the pressure on Bush to stop selling out both Christians and Jews (Israel) just to appease his oil friends. Freedom must overrule oil and global capitalism.

Arab Christians under attack, ignored by the Christian Right.