A list of Famous Freemasons

Steve Van Nattan

Signers of the Constitution of the United States

Abraham Baldwin James McHenry
Gunning Bedford Jr. James Madison
John Blair Alexander Martin
William Blount Robert Morris
David Brearley William Paterson
Daniel Carroll William Pierce
William Richardson Davie Charles Pinckney
Jonathan Dayton Edmund Randolph
Oliver Ellsworth George Read
Benjamin Franklin Roger Sherman
Elbridge Gerry George Walton
Refus King George Washington
John Langdon George Wythe
John Lansing Jr.  


 Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Benjamin Franklin--
Author of the book, "Fart Proudly"
John Hancock
William Hooper     Richard Stockton
Matthew Thornton    George Walton
William Whipple  



John Blair - 1732-1800
Benjamin Franklin - 1706-1790, statesman, diplomat, author, scientist and printer
Francis Scott Key-- Wrote our National Anthem
John Hancock - 1737-1793, merchant, politician and Revolutionary leader
Rufus King - 1755-1827, politician and diplomat
Henry Knox - 1750-1806, American Revolutionary soldier and public official
George Mason - 1725-1792, American Revolutionary statesman
James Otis - 1725-1783, Famous for "Taxation without representation is tyranny"
Thomas Paine - 1737-1809, English-born American author & Revolutionary leader
Peyton Randolph -
Paul Revere - 1735-1818, American silversmith, engraver and Revolutionary patriot
Joseph Warren -

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Freemasons, Unitarians, Deists

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