Robert Gleason Jr.
Robert Gleason Jr.

Why Robert Gleason Jr. Should Die

compiled by Lewis Loflin

Update: He is dead!

Robert Gleason Jr. was a former tattoo artist convicted of shooting a man in 2007 while trying to cover his trail in a methamphetamine ring. Once again illegal drugs started this tragic chain of events. He was sentenced to life in prison, but this was just the beginning of his killing spree.

Despite the frantic efforts by death penalty opponents it seems certain that Robert Gleason Jr. will die on January 16, 2013 in the Virginia electric chair. What makes this case odd is Gleason is asking to die and is refusing any more appeals. Attorney John Shelton has tried to prove that Gleason was incompetent when he waived his appeals in 2012. US District Court Judge Glean E. Conrad wasn't buying it.

Gleason told the Associated Press: "I did the crime and this is the punishment. It is what it is. I ain't going to go kill a bunch of people and say 'Oh, don't do that to me.'"

Gleason was serving a life term for murder at Wallens Ridge State Prison in May 2009 when he killed his cellmate, Harvey Watson Jr. Watson's death went unnoticed for 15 hours because prison guards had not followed procedure for inmate head counts.

After Watson's murder, Gleason was transferred to Red Onion State Prison. In this "supermax" prison inmates are held in isolation 23 hours each day, but he still managed to kill again. The victim was 26-year-old feral black male Aaron Cooper. In July 2010 Gleason convinced the convicted carjacker to help them measure a religious necklace. Even being in separate outdoor recreation cages he still managed to strangle Cooper.

Where were the guards while this was going on? Both of the state prisons are located in Southwest Virginia.

In court Gleason said: "I murdered that man cold-bloodedly. I planned it, and I'm gonna do it again. Someone needs to stop it. The only way to stop me is put me on death row." The courts seem to be using some common sense and will grant this wish.

Let's give this savage just what he deserves and is asking for. Posted January 14, 2013.

Gleason, a former award-winning tattoo artist in Colonial Heights...Gleason was the owner of Earth and Sky Tattoo Co. located at 652 Boulevard in Colonial Heights. He received his tattoo license from the state on Feb. 6 2006. It's unclear when Gleason moved to Colonial Heights, but he had a traffic violation citation from January of 2002. After that, Gleason amassed a lengthy criminal record in Colonial Heights from about 2003 to 2007.

In 2003, he was charged with unlawful wounding, breaking and entering with a firearm, according to court records. Gleason was sentenced to 5 years in prison, with 4 years suspended, court records said. Other charges later included assault and battery, abduction, grand larceny and kidnapping. Many of the charges were Nolle Prosequi, a Latin legal term that means a prosecutor will not take action for a variety of reasons, often due to a lack of evidence.

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