Anthony Caldwell
Anthony Caldwell

Man Nailed for Carjacking in Lee County

by Lewis Loflin

February 18th, 2013 - Jonesville VA - A Morristown Tennessee man was arrested for carjacking Sunday afternoon after allegedly using a weapon (a BB gun!) to steal a vehicle from a Lee County gas station. Anthony Caldwell, 31, is charged with a single count of carjacking that occurred at the Black Diamond Market off U.S. Highway 58 in Ewing. Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons said a man had just left his vehicle at the pump and gone into the market to pay for his gas when the alleged carjacking took place.

According to Parsons, a woman was sitting in the parked car when Caldwell approached it and jumped in. Caldwell, who was brandishing what appeared to be a handgun, reportedly ordered the woman to get out before he drove off with the vehicle.

Parsons said deputies found the car abandoned on the side of the road approximately 20 minutes later...Caldwell attempted to flee from police by running into nearby woods after abandoning the vehicle. He was arrested without incident by LCSO deputies following a short foot chase...Caldwell had recently been released from incarceration in Tennessee, and described him as being "desperate." Caldwell is currently being held without bond in the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail in Duffield.

Carjacking in Virginia

18.2-58.1. Carjacking; penalty.

A. Any person who commits carjacking, as herein defined, shall be guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment for life or a term not less than fifteen years.

B. As used in this section, "carjacking" means the intentional seizure or seizure of control of a motor vehicle of another with intent to permanently or temporarily deprive another in possession or control of the vehicle of that possession or control by means of partial strangulation, or suffocation, or by striking or beating, or by other violence to the person, or by assault or otherwise putting a person in fear of serious bodily harm, or by the threat or presenting of firearms, or other deadly weapon or instrumentality whatsoever. "Motor vehicle" shall have the same meaning as set forth in S 46.2-100.

C. The provisions of this section shall not preclude the applicability of any other provision of the criminal law of the Commonwealth which may apply to any course of conduct which violates this section. (1993, c. 500.)

Posted March 21, 2013

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