Two arrested Evelyn Chesser,

Standoff leads to arrest in Washington County

Jonesborough Man Facing Multiple Charges Following Standoff With Deputies

April 30, 2013 According to Sheriff Ed Graybeal, Deputies arrested Jesse P Nelson, age 51, 1022 Conklin road in Jonesborough following a domestic incident in which Nelson threatened to shoot responding officers if they tried to get inside Nelson's home to arrest him.

Patrol officers responded to the address following a 911 call by a female inside the residence stating there was a subject there with a gun. When deputies arrived they could hear a heated argument inside with Nelson and the female caller making threats to do physical harm to one another. Officers attempted to gain entry when Nelson made the threats to shoot the deputies. Deputies set a perimeter up around the home and called in the Special Weapons and Tactics Team.

While SWAT responded, supervisors made contact with the female caller, Evelyn Chesser, age 74, 322 Patton Ridge rd; via telephone. Chesser told deputies she was not allowed to leave the home. After a period of negotiations Chesser eventually exited the home. She told deputies that there was not an armed individual inside the home. Deputies determined Chesser was lying and advised Chesser that she was under arrest. Chesser refused repeated instruction to comply with deputies commands and was taken into custody following a brief struggle and deployment of a Taser Electronic Control Device.

Following her arrest Chesser told deputies that her son, Nelson, was inside and had held her against her will. She stated that Nelson was armed with a firearm and would shoot any officer who attempted to enter the home. She stated he was not in his right mind.

Upon the arrival of SWAT, further requests for Nelson to come out peaceably went unanswered. SWAT breached a window to the residence and deployed 2 Noise Flash Diversionary Devices to disorient Nelson, after which Nelson fired a shot through the wall of the home with a handgun. SWAT used a 3rd NFDD to keep Nelson disoriented. At that time SWAT introduced chemical agent into the home.

After approximately 2-3 minutes Nelson cursed deputies and exited the home through the rear door. Nelson was immediately confronted and was given orders to stop and get down. Nelson stopped but refused further commands and attempts to utilize Tasers on Nelson were not successful. Nelson had to be taken down to the ground by SWAT operators, at which time he was handcuffed.

Deputies recovered ammunition and a handgun from the residence. Nelson received medical attention from Washington County EMS and was transported to Detention.

Chesser was charged with Domestic Assault, and Resisting arrest. Her bond was set at $3000. Nelson was charged with 13 counts of Aggravated Assault, Kidnapping, Domestic Assault, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct. Nelson's bond was set at $ 701,000. Both will be arraigned this morning.

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