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Stupid White Women Nailed for Prescription Fraud

1st District Congressman James H. Quillen is well-known in Northeast Tennessee with a section of I-26, a college and veterans hospital named after him. He has been dead since 2003 and served 34 years in congress. 27-year-old Amber Elkins of Mt. Carmel, Tennessee didn't seem to notice any of this, but employees at Walgreens in kingsport sure did.

To quote, "The caller had left a call back number, with police reporting it rang to a voicemail that did not identify itself as a pain clinic. Personal information the caller had provided for the alleged patient was used to identify a suspect, Amber N. Elkins..." A pain clinic number in Georgia proved to be bogus and poor Amber gets a trip to the pokey. Perhaps she'll have some spare time to learn something of the local history as she recovers from a drug-induced haze, behind bars.

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