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Atlanta Residents Sentenced
in Major Crack Cocaine Trafficking Organization
Operating in the Morristown Area

U.S. Attorney's Office September 01, 2011, Eastern District of Tennessee (865) 545-4167

GREENEVILLE, TN-On Thursday, September 1, 2011, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee at Greeneville, U.S. District Court Judge Leon Jordan sentenced Andrew Montgomery, 28, and Jason Ware, 29, both of Atlanta, Ga., for their respective leadership roles in an overall drug trafficking organization.

Montgomery was sentenced to 275 months in prison and Ware was sentenced to 262 months. Montgomery and Ware were both convicted on a crack cocaine conspiracy charge. Montgomery was also convicted of money laundering and a federal methamphetamine conspiracy charge stemming from the Jacksonville, Fla., area.

Evidence in the case showed that Montgomery operated a sophisticated drug trafficking and money laundering organization responsible for multiple kilogram amounts of cocaine and crack cocaine being supplied from the Atlanta area, and distributed in and around Morristown, Tenn.

Montgomery stipulated that he obtained approximately 150 kilograms of cocaine from various Mexican sources of supply, which was ultimately distributed to many others in the organization, where it was cooked into crack cocaine and sold in the Atlanta area, or transported to the Morristown area to be cooked and distributed there.

Ware served as one of the primary dealers of cocaine base in Atlanta and Morristown. Montgomery and Ware were two of the most culpable in a conspiracy that involved 32 total indicted defendants. The conspiracy also involved firearms and money laundering. Currently, only two other defendants in the case remain to be sentenced and their court dates are both set within the next few months.

"I am extremely proud of the cooperative efforts of the investigators from the numerous law enforcement agencies led by the FBI for their hard work that has resulted in these convictions on members of one of the largest drug conspiracies in east Tennessee," stated U.S. Attorney William C. Killian.

This case was part of the Department's OCDETF and the HIDTA programs. OCDETF is the primary weapon of the United States against the highest level drug trafficking organizations operating within the United States, importing drugs into the United States, or laundering the proceeds of drug trafficking.

From Morristown:

-Martina Yeary (28)
-Vivian Bryan (52)
-Guy Collins (45)
-Charles Rudolph (28)
-Jamie Lewis (32)
-Tonya Lewis (30)
-Gary Chapman (30)
-Lindsey Stone (29)
-Robert Johnson (25)
-Kevin Vinet (22)
-Preston Blanton (27)
-James McCloud (26)
-Randy Brockwell (44)
-Victor Cain (39)
-Dennis Fitch (42)
-Betty Fuson (33)
-Glenda Gilliam (36)
-Brandon Foulks (26)
-Kathy Dingus (35)
-Robert Dingus Jr. (38)
-Terrence Edwards (20)

From Georgia

-Andrew Montgomery (26)
-Alexis D. Terrell (32)
-Anthony Bryan (56)
-Jason Ware (27)
-Johnny Marshall (28)
-Malcolm Bryan (54)
-Bobby Porter (49)
-Deon Reeves (26)
-Ameka Brewer (30)

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