Southwest Virginia Population decline 2010-2018.

Ecology as Environmental Socialism

by Lewis Loflin

Definition of environmentalism: many definitions. They have grown in the last several decades. It is too often a war on humanity.

A political, not scientific view, posits environment only in human and cultural development. They ignore the genetic-inheritance half.

Environment only is the basis of most social engineering programs. This is not scientific because there's no empirical/scientific proof of the claim. they is why they fail.

Or "Political and ethical movement..." Has undercurrents of Marxism/socialism, religious pantheism, Neo-Luddism, and spiritualism. Tends to be pseudo-religious and authoritarian.

Religious elements often shade into pantheism. Places non-human entities equal to or above human welfare. In California environmentalism cripples land management in the name of Nature. This contributed to wildfires burning towns to the ground.

Paradise California Fire Product of Nature, Human Error The Paradise Ca. Fire was not caused by President Trump or Human induced climate change. Any fool could see this coming and they did nothing to mitigate the threat. This drought problem will get worse and started 800 years ago.

Helen Raleigh calls environmentalism "'New Age' socialism ... created by elitist intelligentsias" believing they must save the stupid masses from themselves.

Abolishing capitalism is one goal. They "are bent on enforcing conformity by any means necessary". The demand an authoritarian state. They are "willing to sacrifice" everyone else for the "greater good".

The World Health Organization claims the U.S. is the least polluting country in the world.

This is actual pollution such as particulate matter, sulfur oxides, etc.

Reuters, the AP, etc. refuse to report the facts. They spread misinformation. CO2 is NOT a pollutant. CO2 is injected into green houses to speed up plant growth.

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